Custom quoting solution, tailor-made to fit your business.


BluePrint pricing includes an onboarding fee and a monthly per user fee. Onboarding costs vary and are based on your specific development and training needs.

  • Estimators/Project Managers: $85/User/Month
  • Managers/Reviewers: $65/User/Month
  • Support/Corporate Users: $45/User/Month
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Sometimes, a one-size-fits-all quoting platform just won't cut it for your company. That's where TOPQuote BluePrint comes in.

With BluePrint your company gets a dedicated branch of the TOPQuote platform codebase tailored specifically for you.

Our onboarding team will guide you through the process of review and discovery to establish a plan and timeline for enhancing our platform to your needs.

The BluePrint onboarding process follows a simple but methodical process bolstered by our experiences in custom software development and honed by the development of quoting platforms for companies like Convergint, Summit Fire Security, and Summit Fire Protection.

Once modifications are complete, we’ll update all training and self-help documentation and establish a schedule for live training sessions and new user onboarding. We’re here to support all along the way.

BluePrint Onboarding

We’ll review current functionality and discuss how to tailor to fit your specific needs.

Our design team will mockup and prototype enhancements and new features to confirm your wishes.

We’ll establish a project plan and timeline and get busy making the requested changes.

We’ll review and critique modifications in a testing environment, repeating the process as necessary.